Without, a doubt your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and everything from the venue to the flowers to the dress needs to be perfect. The entertainment should be no different, and sadly is something that’s often overlooked.

In fact, according to Bride & Groom Magazine, 81% of guests say the entertainment is the thing they remember most about a wedding and in 2014 a survey of over 1000 brides by Bridal Magazine found that 88% of them wish they had spent more money on it.

Bringing People Together

A wedding magician is a fantastic and unique way to enthral and delight your guests, making the day as memorable for them as it is for you. Your wedding isn’t just about the joining of two people, it’s about the joining of two families. Close-up magic is the ultimate icebreaker, a great talking point, and perfect for bringing everyone together in awe and wonder. This kind of magic isn’t just sit-and-watch, it’s interactive, interpersonal, and lots of fun. Your guests become the stars of their own, unforgettable show.

Memory Formation Through Miracle Creation

Nothing brings the “Wow” factor to a wedding like a close-up magician. Many of your guests will not be expecting to be greeted by a magician, and may not have even seen close-up magic before except possibly on TV. Music from a live band or DJ is great, but guests will have differing tastes in music, or they’ve all heard that song before. You can guarantee though that a close-up magician will show them something they’ve never seen. Your guests will be intrigued by the impossible, and gasp in pure astonishment making it a truly memorable, magical wedding for you and them alike.

Linking The Day

Having a magician at your wedding is perfect for those moments where there’s little going on for the guests such as when you’re having your photos taken, or after the speeches before evening guests arrive. Seeing an illusionist at work with another group nearby brings a sense of anticipation and excitement, keeping your friends and family entertained and energised in those quieter moments before dinner. In fact, a close-up magician can even provide perform during dinner itself, astonishing tables between courses.

Truly Flexible Entertainment

Whether indoors or out, a hotel, club, boat, or restaurant, there’s no need for specialised equipment like a PA System or lighting, and can seamlessly work his act through your guests and around your needs. Brilliantly adaptable and flexible, a close-up magician can work anywhere and move anywhere should weather or other unexpected issues arise.

If you want to hire a close-up magician for your wedding, Alex D Fisher is the magician to hire.

Alex D Fisher is an award-winning magician based in Manchester, with 25 years experience and has performed around the world for clients including Granada TV, the Accor, Radisson, Hilton, Midland, Britannia, and Lowry Hotel groups, the Disney Corporation and Rolls Royce.

Accustomed to working with children and adults alike, Alex’s unique, intimate, affable style will make your day truly memorable, for all the right reasons.

If you want fantastic entertainment for your wedding to delight, astonish and astound your guests for a truly magical day, don’t delay – call Alex D Fisher now!

© Alex D Fisher, Magicical Excellence


© Alex D Fisher, Magician